Jewellery Care

Basic Care Instructions

The following are general instructions to protect and care for your delicate fine jewellery:

  • Apply lotions, hairspray, cosmetics and perfume before putting on your jewellery.
  • Remove jewellery when doing physical activities such as cleaning, gardening and exercise.
  • Remove pieces when bathing, showering and sleeping.
  • Do not expose jewellery to household cleaning products or chlorine in swimming pools.
  • Clean jewellery after each use with a soft cloth.
  • Store each piece separately in a fabric-lined box to prevent scratches.

Cleaning Fine Jewellery

To clean your diamond and gold jewellery, use a soft toothbrush and mild dish soap. Gently apply the brush to scrub the piece. Rinse your item and thoroughly dry it with a soft polishing cloth.

The beauty and lustre of pearls are enhanced with regular wear by absorbing the oils from your skin. Pearls can be safely cleaned on occasion by using a soft cloth slightly moistened with mild dish soap.

Opals and moonstones are delicate gemstones susceptible to scratches. They can be safely cleaned using a soft cloth moistened with mild dish soap.